EcoFarmer & Cassava Remit

Diaspora Agriculture Finance Plan- Terms and Conditions

The Product

The Diaspora Agriculture Finance Plan allows customers that are based in the diaspora to buy agricultural inputs and pay for tillage services for farmers in Zimbabwe. It is a one stop shop for agricultural inputs such as seeds; chemicals, fertilizers and tillage services.

Customers based in the diaspora can pay for tillage services and buy agricultural inputs online through the EcoFarmer or Cassava Remit website. After payment for the requisite service by a customer in the diaspora, the beneficiary in Zimbabwe will receive confirmation message of the agricultural input purchased and or service voucher. Upon receipt of the short message service (SMS) notification the beneficiary may collect the inputs at any of the participating input supplier outlets or depots.

Terms & Conditions

The remitter or customer accesses the service through Cassava Remit or EcoFarmer website.

The beneficiary can be a subscriber of any mobile network in Zimbabwe.

The platform allows customers in the diaspora to remit financing for tillage services, agricultural inputs and with the beneficiary receiving an e-voucher/SMS which they can use to redeem the inputs at their nearest participating input supplier outlets or depots.

Inputs and service Vouchers will be released to the beneficiaries once payment has been received by Cassava Remit.

EcoFarmer takes no liability for any resultant costs from the collection of the inputs.

Once the payment is received via Cassava Remit, EcoFarmer holds the funds in trust until the inputs are collected as confirmed by the beneficiary, upon which the payment is transferred to the inputs supplier or service provider.

Inputs are sold directly to customers by the partner input suppliers and or service providers, and EcoFarmer only provides the platform which allows customers to buy and pay for the inputs and or services.

EcoFarmer cannot therefore guarantee the quality of the inputs or services bought over the platform. Customers can engage the suppliers directly in the event of a dispute over the quality of inputs or services rendered.

Although the inputs and service providers promise that all inputs placed for sale over the EcoFarmer Platform are available to the customer once paid for, EcoFarmer cannot guarantee that the inputs are always available on collection. Repayments for non-delivery can only be done on the instruction of the concerned input suppliers within 7 -14 working days.

Inputs should be collected within seven (7) days of the beneficiary receiving notification to collect them. Inputs collected after (seven) 7 days may incur storage costs, determined at the discretion of the inputs supplier.

Inputs will only be released to the beneficiary on submission of the e-voucher number, security answer and ID, or any other required evidence. Inputs can only be released to a third party on the instruction of the beneficiary through a signed affidavit.

Participating input suppliers are responsible for providing full support and technical expertise needed when using agro-products-seeds, fertilisers, chemicals and any other.

Participating input suppliers warrant that their products shall fully comply with specifications and standards required by the authorities in the Zimbabwe.

Any product related /technical queries on purchased products-seeds, fertilisers, chemicals and others should be directed to the relevant participating input supplier list.